Our Team


Kristy Keeley, Accounting Manager

Kristy has an Associates in Accounting from the South Puget Sound Community College and has been working as a bookkeeper since 2013. She was a founder of the New Moon Cooperative Cafe, where she developed a love for cooperatives and finance.

Kristy spent two years working at the Northwest Cooperative Development Center as a bookkeeper and Cooperative Developer before joining the team at the Business Services Cooperative.


Micheal Snow, Practice Manager

Micheal has worked with cooperative businesses since 2009. He has worked as a bookkeeper and financial manager since 2013, serving on the Board of the Olympia Food Cooperative for 5 years, and has been a founding member of three employee-owned cooperatives, one of them the Business Services Cooperative.

Micheal most recently served as the Administrative and Financial Manager of the Northwest Construction Cooperative before coming on full-time with BSC, and is currently enrolled in the Masters in Management: Cooperative and Credit Unions program from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS.