Business Services Cooperative
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Bank reconciliation

We track everything that goes into your bank account and everything that is spent. This ensures that your transactions are posted correctly and will help detect and prevent any unauthorized charges by your bank.

accounts receivable management

Helping you get paid on time and without hassle is important to us. We can prepare and mail invoices out to your clients. We will work together to create a system that allows you to view your open invoices and keep track of your incoming payments in real time.

Accounts payable & check printing

Never worry about paying your vendors on time again. We will help you make payments accurately and on time, online or via check. We can even print checks for you; all you have to do is sign and send.

Financial Reporting

We will prepare and explain your Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and statement of Cash Flows. We strive to empower you make accurate and effective business decisions using up to date information. We generate Budget vs. Actual reports to let you know how you're spending and revenue differs from your budget.  

Payroll Services

Processing payroll is a tedious task, and difficult to tidy up mistakes after the fact. We can make this process much easier. We will handle direct deposit, time sheet tracking, federal and state tax withholding, payroll tax deposits, and reporting as necessary. We'll generate payroll reports to help you understand the labor trends that affect your business.

Monthly & quarterly tax preparation

We can help you prepare, file, and pay Washington State Department of Revenue excise taxes monthly and quarterly. We can prepare, file and pay City, B&O, county personal property taxes. We will work together with your CPA to prepare, file, and pay your end of year federal taxes stress-free and on time.

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Our team knows first hand how challenging running a small business can be. Let our professional staff handle keeping your books organized, accurate, and up to date, so you can focus on what you do best.